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Introduction to Trunnion Ball Valves

NORTECH Engineering Corporation Limited is one of the leading China Trunnion Ball Valve manufacturers. The trunnion Ball  is used to cut off or connect the media in various of Class150~Class2500. The valves made of different materials are suitable for various media such as water, steam, oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas, nitric acid, oxidizer, urea […]

What is a floating ball valve?

NORTECH Engineering Corporation Limited is one of the leading China FLOATING BALL VALVE manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap FLOATING BALL VALVE from our factory.FLOATING BALL VALVESTRUCTURAL FEATURES Special Seat DesignThe floating ball valve adopts the design of flexible seal ring structure. When the medium pressure is lower, the contact area of seal ring and ball […]

Difference between Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve and Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves,have compact structure,simple design,good performance,and easy maintenance. They are one of the most popular industrial valves. We normally have resilient seated butterfly valves,or rubber lined butterfly this catagory,we have wafer rubber lined butterfly valves,lug rubber lined butterfly valves,U type rubber lined butterfly valves and double flange rubber lined butterfly valves. Because the resilient […]

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